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Carbon Tax Increase Begins April 1

The federal price on pollution isn't going anywhere during the COVID cris, because fighting pollution remains a priority for the government even during this pandemic.

That was a comment from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week.  As of today, the federal carbon tax was hiked from 20 dollars a tonne to 30 dollars, meaning about a 3 cent increase in the price of a litre of gas.  It was also mean higher natural gas bills to heat your home.

For those in agriculture, many of which have been conditioning their crops with grain dryers for the past few months, it means another hit to their bottom line as they struggle to sell their crops from last year's harvest from hell.  Many still have crop to harvest once the snow melts this spring, and many of those will have to be dried as well.

The Alberta government is currently battling the federal is Saskatchewan.  The case is expected to make its way into the supreme court later this month.

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