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Cattle play a big role in the success of the Anderson farm

KISBEY - Sarah and Jim Anderson, along with their three children, Morgan, 8, Quinn, 6, and Cole, 3, live southeast of Kisbey on a ranch.

The farm formerly was owned by Gerry and Betty Wyatt, who at the time built a sales barn for farmers to sell their purebred cattle.

The Anderson family bought the farm in 2010, and the sales barn was something that intrigued them to continue with the purebred sales.

Sarah was raised in central Alberta, while Jim lived two hours north of Yorkton. Both of them attended Lakeland College, Sarah - for animal science, and Jim - for agricultural production and welding.

They met at college and once school was completed, they wanted to start a life together on a ranch.

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Video: Manure Know-How — Management and Handling of Manure Safety

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Producers and manure handling contractors should review and update their Emergency Action Plan related to pumping, storage, handling and toxic gas exposure.