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Ceres Global Seeds Showcases Corn & Soybean Varieties

Southern Manitoba received much needed rain this week.

Daniel Acuna, Director of Sales & Marketing with Ceres Global Seeds, talked about how the crops will benefit.

"For soybeans, we see it as a huge fit, especially on the mid-season to late-season, on those fronts, we do see the soybeans filling and it's not going to hurt at all," he said. "On the corn front, it's minimal grain that we do see in some areas, other areas are a little bit harder hit. It's unfortunate to see but we can only move forward and look at next year."

Ceres Global Seeds is hosting its Insight Tour this week across southern Manitoba.

"We have a brand new portfolio encompassing six new varieties on soybeans. On corn, it ranges from new varieties on grain corn, silage and also grazing," commented Acuna. "Looking forward to the ultra-early maturity Enlist variety that we have, ranging all the way through a full season Xtend option that is going to be brand new to our portfolio. On the corn front, we have early maturity grain corn from 72-day, all the way up to 90 plus day on the silage fronts. Really a robust portfolio, it has everything that we see suitable in the area and beyond, and we're looking forward to showcasing that."

Ceres Global Seeds is a distributer of Sevita International soybeans and Horizon Seeds Canada corn.

"Being the fact that we are partnered up with two independent seed companies, that we have access to in-house breeding and their genetic program, it allows us to have a robust portfolio and being able to tailor these varieties and hybrids suitable for the western Canadian grower," added Acuna.

The Ceres Global Seeds Insight Tour was in Winkler on Tuesday and is also making stops in Bagot on Wednesday and Delmar Beausejour on August 18th. A Sevita food grade soybean day will be held August 12th in Fannystelle.

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