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CFFO Welcomes New Policy Advisor

Guelph, ON – The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO) is pleased to welcome Dr. Brenda Dyack, who joins the organization today as Director of Research and Policy. Dyack is serving as CFFO’s principal policy advisor during Dr. Suzanne Armstrong’s maternity leave.

Dyack works at the interface between agriculture and environment, coming to the CFFO with a breadth of knowledge and experience in agricultural economics.

“We’re thrilled to have Dyack aboard,” says CFFO President Clarence Nywening. “Her expertise and experience will be a boon to our organization.”

Dyack will split her time between the CFFO and her role as Principal Research Associate for Agri-Food Economic Systems.

Previously, Dyack spent several years in Australia. There she served as an economist with the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). She continues to hold an adjunct research faculty position with the Institute for Applied Ecology at the University of Canberra in Australia.

Prior to her decade of work in Australia, Dyack served as the Agriculture Advisor at the Ontario Ministry of Finance after completing her doctorate at the University of Guelph.

“Dyack brings a global perspective on economic and environmental issues in agriculture,” says Suzanne Armstrong. “Her resume proves that she’s the perfect fit for CFFO and our commitment to long-term policy thinking for the whole of agriculture.”

Dyack is excited to be working with CFFO, carrying on the exceptional work of Dr. Armstrong. “I’m committed to building on her important advocacy, especially for water stewardship and farmland preservation,” says Dyack.

“I feel this is a rare opportunity to hear directly from farmers about what matters to them,” she concludes. “I am pleased to be in a position, through the CFFO, to communicate the message directly to policy makers.”

The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO) is a professional organization for families called to the vocation of farming. The CFFO values family farm enterprise, profitability, and responsible stewardship of resources. CFFO policy promotes economically, socially and environmentally sustainable farming, advocating that farmers receive fair return for their production and stewardship efforts.

Source : Christian Farmers Federation Of Ontario

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