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CLAAS Introduces CONVIO FLEX Draper Header

Aug 28, 2018
By Library Machinery
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CLAAS Launches New CONVIO Header Series for LEXION Combine

Advanced combine headers feature industry-leading visibility, simplicity and efficiency

From CLAAS News


Omaha, NE — August 28, 2018 — CLAAS of America announced today at the 2018 Farm Progress Show the launch of the CLAAS CONVIO line of headers, with first-in-the-industry features that help improve harvest efficiency while minimizing operator downtime. The CONVIO rigid platform draper for small grains and CONVIO FLEX draper for small grains, soybeans and lentils set new standards in the category for cutting and feeding performance.

When paired with the CLAAS flagship LEXION combine, the CONVIO headers provide better visibility from the cab, more automatic features, and an advanced design that leads to superior feeding efficiency and higher performance.




“Increased visibility, more simplicity and of course greater efficiency — these are three factors growers are looking for in their machinery,” said Jeff Gray, Product Manager – Field Support.  “The new CONVIO series is a first in the industry with advanced features on the draper head — such as AUTO CONTOUR FLEX and AUTO BELT SPEED — that can be automatically set or adjusted on the fly. CONVIO FLEX is the only flex draper in the industry with a 9-inch range of vertical flex. This enables the cutterbar to adapt to changing terrain more efficiently.”

Developed by CLAAS, a global leader in harvesting technology, the new CONVIO series is designed to provide superior performance in a variety of crops and field conditions, optimizing grain retention while minimizing downtime. 

  • More visibility. When paired with the LEXION combine, the CONVIO and CONVIO FLEX headers maximize visibility into the header, allowing growers to make more accurate adjustments on the fly. 
  • More simplicity. All CONVIO settings can be adjusted from the cab. Additionally, the CONVIO header can also adjust automatically for faster, more accurate adaptability to changing conditions — resulting in greater uptime and more productivity. 
  • More efficiency. The parallel design of the transition floor to the ground combined with the shortest distance from the cutterbar onto the belt results in superior feeding efficiency and higher performance.

The CONVIO FLEX draper is available in widths from 35 to 45 feet and features up to 9 inches of cutterbar flex. The header offers the highest level of operator comfort through a wide range of automatic functions, which are fully integrated in the CEBIS terminal in the cab of the LEXION. 

The CONVIO FLEX includes four operational modes that are selectable on the fly:

  • Rigid — The cutterbar table and knife bar are rigid, ideal for small grain straight cuts.
  • Rigid/flex — When isolated areas of laid crop are encountered, the operator can switch from rigid to flexible mode at the touch of a button while on the move. Ideal for small grain straight cut with lodged crop.
  • Flex — In flex mode, the knife bar follows the ground contours on the skids so the CONVIO FLEX is able to adjust many ground conditions. It is great for soybeans, beans, lentils, etc. 
  • Flex with automatic flex adjustments (AUTO CONTOUR FLEX) — The cutterbar uses sensor data to continuously determine the best position for an optimal crop flow and ground contour following, as well as the lowest cutting height. This results in extremely low front attachment losses in low-growing crops. This mode isideal for soybeans, beans and lentils. 

“The combination of out-of- and in-cab convenience features ensures our growers have everything they need from a draper header,” Gray said. “The flex draper rounds out our LEXION header options, to ensure that all of our growers have just the right tools for the job.” 

CLAAS of America featured the new CONVIO series of draper headers at the 2018 Farm Progress Show. For more information on the CONVIO or CONVIO FLEX, please visit the website at or ask your local dealer.