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Vancouver, British Columbia - Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. (TSX-V: CSX) (“Clean Seed” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide updates on the expansion of its intellectual property. 
Variable Rate Metering Expansion
The Company’s Variable Rate Metering patent secures Clean Seed’s ability to micromanage precision seeding and planting operations of multiple product inputs on every square foot of a farmer’s field. The Company’s variable ratio metering Canadian patent was issued in January 2019.  Recently, the Company received notice of allowance from the Canadian Patent Office for two additional applications it submitted to broaden the claims within the Variable Rate Metering Patent. These allowed applications cover key aspects of the Company’s SMART Cart™ technology and its Digital Metering Systems (marketed as Cushion Drive™). 
Product Delivery System Innovation Patent Filing
Product delivery refers to how product is received by the SMART Seeder™. During the past 18 months the Company has developed an advanced proprietary synergistic product delivery system which has been field tested throughout 2020. The system provides for considerable flexibility for farm inputs. The novel product delivery system is now standard on the SMART Seeder MAX™ and MAX – S™ and will be applied on future product variants. The Company has filed for patent protection for all aspects of this proprietary product delivery system. 
Flow Control Patent Grant 
The flow control is the core innovation of the on-demand air system on the SMART Seeder™ technology. The Company has received notification from the Ukraine Patent Office that its flow control patent application has been approved for grant. Concurrently, the Company has submitted additional patent application to broaden the coverage of the Company’s flow control patent in Ukraine and anticipates filing similar divisional applications in other major agricultural countries and regions.
Additionally Clean Seed held an initial virtual launch of the SMART Seeder MAX-S™ technology at the Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference 2020 which can be viewed here:
“Graeme Lempriere”
Chairman and CEO 
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