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Clubroot Prevention Should Be Key Focus For Producers

A key part of the discussions at the agriculture meetings this winter has been around Clubroot.
The Saskatchewan Clubroot Distribution Map released earlier this month puts the total number of confirmed clubroot cases now at fifty-one. Lane Stockbrugger with SaskCanola says they weren’t surprised by the areas where it showed up.
“To see it as a gradual development I guess is, is encouraging, because, number one, it means that it didn't end up in places where we weren't expecting it. So that's positive, but it allows us now to look at it and say, where do we need to focus on building those plans with farmers to reduce the spread of it.”
Overall, the Province completed more than 1,700 clubroot samples last year, another 180 samples were submitted by producers with SaskCanola covering the costs.
Justine Cornelson with the Canola Council Of Canada says Clubroot is a unique plant disease which we seem to struggle with managing.
"It continues to spread across the Prairies. You have to be scouting for it, you need to be in the field pulling up plants having a look at that root system to see if you have an issue or not."
Other management strategies include lengthening the rotation for canola to one in three years and using a clubroot resistant variety. Patch management is also important as is minimizing soil movement.
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