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Corteva Agriscience Honored at Crop Science Awards 2020

Wins Two Awards and One Commendation; CTO Neal Gutterson recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award
WILMINGTON, Del., — Corteva Agriscience received two Crop Science Awards and one High Commendation at yesterday’s Crop Science Forum, hosted virtually from London. Chief Technology Officer Neal Gutterson was also honored with a Lifetime Achievement award in recognition of his consistent history of service to agriculture throughout his career.
“Our goal is to enable farmers to adjust to consumer preferences in planet-friendly ways — all while maintaining a productive and profitable business” said Jim Collins, Chief Executive Officer at Corteva Agriscience. “These awards validate our approach to innovation and demonstrate the power of putting the farmer at the center of everything we do. Congratulations to Neal and the project teams that made this work possible.”
Gutterson’s award comes as he prepares to retire at the end of the year. The Lifetime Achievement award recognizes his distinguished career in the agricultural industry, his unique contributions in building the research and development team at Corteva, and his commitment to innovation.
“I’m humbled to receive this Lifetime Achievement award,” said Gutterson. “As I look forward to finishing this chapter of my career, I’m proud to look back and see the progress we’ve made as an industry. I remain committed to affecting change through new roles in my ‘retirement’, driving further progress through innovation for farmers worldwide.”
Corteva was recognized in the following categories:
Win: Best Formulation Innovation: Hibifen™ insecticide
In the spring of 2022, Asia-Pacific rice growers will have access to a new broad-spectrum premix, Hibifen™ insecticide (Pyraxalt™ active 10.0% + Spinetoram 12.0%) water-dispersible granule formulation. Hibifen insecticide is a sustainable, low use rate formulation with a favorable environmental and toxicological profile that delivers superior control of rice hoppers and rice leaf folders. This innovative formulation has been designed to deliver significant agronomic benefits, protect beneficials and provide ease of use for rice growers in both backpack and drone applications. Hibifen insecticide utilizes co-formulants with excellent sustainability attributes that still meet the formulation challenges posed by these two different chemistries.
Win: Best Stewardship Program: Safe Food Safe Farmer
Corteva developed the Safe Food Safe Farmer stewardship campaign to increase the safety of farming practices in Maharashtra state, India. Since its inception in 2018, the Safe Food Safe Farmer campaign has reached nearly a million stakeholders to teach farmers how to safely use seed and crop protection products that increase food production. In 2020, the program continued this work while also expanding its scope to include COVID-19 safety.
Highly Commended: Best Stewardship Program: Red de Custodia
Corteva’s RED de CUSTODIA is a unique program that builds awareness of stewardship and good agricultural practices for internal and external stakeholders. This initiative was piloted in 2018 for Spanish-speaking countries in the Mesoandean region and expanded to more than 42,000 participants in México, Colombia, Ecuador and Perú in 2019 and 2020. Toolkits with training units teach complex concepts such as formulations, product compatibility and the concept that “the label is the law” in a simple, down-to-Earth manner for audiences of all education levels. Topics are introduced through tailor-designed games, experimental activities and relatable cartoon characters.
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