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Corteva Agriscience launches new fungicide solution for sclerotinia and white mould protection

Corteva Agriscience announced the expansion of its fungicide portfolio in Canada with the launch of Viatude™ fungicide, a new solution to protect against sclerotinia in canola and white mould in soybeans.

Viatude fungicide offers multiple modes of action for resistance management and contains a unique combination of two highly effective active ingredients that includes Onmira™ active, which provides holistic and long-lasting coverage.

“Sclerotinia and white mould have the potential to significantly impact yield in both canola and soybeans,” said Kirsten Ratzlaff, Portfolio Marketing Manager, Corteva Agriscience Canada. “That is why we are pleased to offer Viatude fungicide, a new crop protection tool that will provide best-in-class protection to help prevent yield loss and protect profitability."

Sclerotinia and white mould are significant crop diseases found on Canadian farms, resulting in millions of dollars in yield loss every year.1 Additionally, the disease can overwinter and remain viable as sclerotia for many years, with potential to affect other broadleaf crops including pulse crops, sunflowers and mustard.

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