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EthoGuard President Mark Beaven Proudly introduces the Biosecurity Boot Bench

A Danish Entry is a Great Biosecurity Tool.

As concerns about animal diseases and biosecurity continue to rise, it’s becoming increasingly important for farmers to take proactive measures to prevent the spread of diseases on their farms. One such measure is the use of a Danish Entry System, which is an effective tool for minimizing the risk of disease transmission.

In a Danish Entry System, the entry and exit points of the farm are separated into different zones, with strict protocols in place for movement between them. This system is designed to prevent the entry of potentially infected animals or people into the farm’s main production areas, thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission.

There are several reasons why a Danish entry system is good for biosecurity on a farm:

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Caught In A Time-Loop: Bottle Feeding Lambs!

Video: Caught In A Time-Loop: Bottle Feeding Lambs!

In today's vlog at Ewetopia Farms, we find ourselves stuck in a time loop where each day is a repetition of the last as we care for our bottle-fed lambs. The Coverall is bustling with young Suffolk lambs eagerly drinking from their bottle holders, showcasing the sheer number of lambs we are nurturing. Despite the time-consuming process of preparing formula, feeding, and cleaning, the lambs gulp it down in seconds. With three feedings daily, the workload is overwhelming, but soon, we will transition to twice a day feedings for more manageable routines. Amidst the chaos, we managed to give the older Suffolk lambs some playtime in the yard, allowing us a moment to relax and appreciate these adorable creatures.