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Experts on Dairy Exports: USDEC Research Accelerates Growth Opportunities

By Mark O'Keefe

If it's true that "knowledge is power," Megan Sheets is a behind-the-scenes power broker for the U.S. Dairy Export Council.

As USDEC's senior director of strategic development, Sheets manages a department that commissions research providing USDEC members the knowledge and power they need to capitalize on market and consumer trends.

Research helps USDEC members make better business decisions. 

"We use USDEC data to understand consumers' behavior within individual markets," says Alison Rosenblum, business development manager for Tillamook County Creamery Association, based in Tillamook, Oregon. "We use that information to make our decisions about which markets to enter and how to best position within them."

Sheets is just one of many USDEC experts delivering value to the U.S. dairy industry. Look for more examples as we continue to highlight USDEC's "Experts on Dairy Exports."

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