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Faba Bean Feed Benchmark

The most significant change over the past week was a dramatic increase in protein ingredient prices across the Prairies as a result of the strengthening US soybean futures markets .
Corn values followed soybean values but settled back into the previous week’s trading range by the end of the week. Corn values ended up remaining unchanged in Manitoba but increased by $18/T and $12/T in Saskatchewan and Alberta respectively.  Corn DDGS values remained unchanged across the Prairies.
Prices for the other grain commodities across western Canada remained largely unchanged over the past two weeks with the exception of barley values, where temporary tight supplies drove prices higher by $5/T.  
Soybean meal values increased in Manitoba and Saskatchewan by $50/T, and by $40/T in Alberta. Canola meal values followed soybean meal values across the Prairies, increasing by $45-50/T in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and by $80/T in Alberta.
 Feed grade peas and lentils continue to be scarce and are not pricing into most diets.  Manitoba pricing on any product available ranges from $250-$268/T, with a trading range of $245-250 in Alberta and Saskatchewan. 
Source : Albertapulse

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