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Fababeans and soybeans becoming more popular in Saskatchewan

Producers taking part in last week’s Regional Pulse Meetings learned more about the new pulse lines being released this year.
Crops like Fababean and Soybean are gaining more ground across Saskatchewan.
Bunyamin Tar’an is a Pulse Breeder at the U of S Crop Development Centre and says they are good options to vary your pulse rotation.
"You can use fababean in a rotation for replacement of field peas and lentils and in some areas soybeans," he said. "Whenever you feel it's good for you to go ahead. Look in the seed guide and see what is the best you would like to try."
He says they also have two Clearfield lentils, a large green and a small red lentil as well as a white flower Fababean.
Source : Discoverestevan