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Farm Organizations Take Part in Roundtable with Ontario's Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs

There was an agriculture roundtable in Owen Sound.
A dozen representatives from the local agriculture sector had a meeting on Tuesday with the Province's Agriculture Minister.
Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker hosted the roundtable with the Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs Ernie Hardeman at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.
The purpose of the roundtable was to discuss about farmers and producers dealing with bureaucracy.
Hardeman says his government are already eliminating some of the red tape that farmers are facing.
He says while he has heard from farmers that they are pleased with what the government is doing, there is much more to do and they will continue eliminating some of those barriers.
Hardeman was asked about whether red tape meant cutting out regulations.
He says his government is committed to protecting areas like the green belt.
Hardeman says when no one is responding to something, that is red tape.
He says his government have no intention of taking out regulations to ensure safe, high quality food.
One of the participants of the roundtable was Brian O'Neill.
O'Neill is the President of the Grey County 4-H and says the roundtable was a great learning experience.
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