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There are many producers with small herds across Canada. In fact, in 2021 31% of farms with cattle reported having 32 head or less and 22% have between 33 and 72. But what specifically defines a “small herd?”

A small herd likely means something different depending on the region, available resources and how producers choose to define their operation. Commonalities across most small herds include being family-owned and operated with fewer than 30 head of cattle, no employees on the farm or limited part-time help with the bulk of income coming from off-farm employment. A small herd may be a well-established operation or perhaps a new venture beginning to build the herd.

Being a smaller operator can pose challenges when managing a beef herd. Time is often limited and, as with most operations, the purse strings can be tight. Because of this, getting the most bang for your buck is important.

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