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‘Focus on Soybean’ Webcast Cultivar Development

If variety selection is the foundation of a soybean grower’s crop management plan, then cultivar development is the bedrock that supports the foundation.

In the latest ‘Focus on Soybean’ webcast, Dr. Bill Kenworthy, Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland, helps practitioners in the soybean industry get a better understanding of how the inheritance of soybean cultivar traits impacts the breeding program to develop new cultivars.  Click To Find The Webinar.
In his talk, titled, “Developing Soybean Cultivars”, Dr. Kenworthy discusses the genetic principles that influence selection response and breeding techniques. He also diagrams a widely used classical breeding technique to develop new soybean cultivars.

By the end of this presentation, soybean producers, consultants, and other practitioners in the soybean industry should have a better understanding of how soybean cultivars are developed and why some cultivar traits such as yield can vary across locations.

This 27-minute presentation is open access through May 31, 2013.  Viewers can also opt to see a 5-minute executive summary version of this presentation.  This shorter executive summary version is permanently open access courtesy of the United Soybean Board.

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