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Grain farmers reduced emission intensity by 50% over 20 years

Even before the Liberal government introduced its fertilizer emission reduction target, Canadian grain farmers were leading the way in reducing agricultural emissions. 

According to the Grain Growers of Canada, between 1997 and 2017, grain farmers surpassed the entire economy in reducing emission intensity. Emission intensity measures a farmer’s emission output relative to the production of a single bushel. 

Over that period, grain farmers reduced their emission intensity by 50%, while the entire Canadian economy saw a 36% reduction. 

“For decades, grain farmers have been at the forefront of sustainability, making Canada a global leader in producing grain with the lowest emissions possible,” said the advocacy group’s vice-chair, William van Tassel. 

“Yet, boosting our competitiveness and commitment to emission reductions demands a significant increase in research and development investments. These investments are essential for overcoming current obstacles and leveraging future opportunities.”

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