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Great Plains is expanding its product compatibility for the Turbo-Seeder, an optional seeder attachment that allows producers to till and seed simultaneously for maximum efficiency and productivity. The Turbo-Seeder is now available on 20ˈ to 40ˈ Terra-Max models, which are hybrid tillage tools that provide exceptional finishing capabilities and versatility for various field conditions. With Turbo-Seeder, producers can simultaneously till soil, size residue, and plant cover crops in one pass, while also reducing labor, fuel, and the maintenance costs associated with completing the process with two separate implements.

Produced in partnership with Gandy of Owatonna, Minnesota, Turbo-Seeder is a complete seeding solution that can be factory-installed or retrofitted on previous Great Plains tillage models. The Turbo-Seeder hoppers are available in two different sizes – 24 cu. ft. (available on 12' to 18' Turbo-Max® models) or 45 cu. ft. for Turbo-Tills®, Terra-Maxes, and 20ˈ to 48ˈ Turbo-Maxes. The meter shaft is powered by a 12-volt, 25-amp motor, and a hydraulically-driven fan that delivers seed to the diffusers. Four color-coded meter wheels are included to achieve the desired seed rate for a variety of seed types. Turbo-Seeder can place high rates of cover crops and small grains, such as oats, wheat, rice, and rye grass.

The Turbo-Seeder helps producers maximize efficiency, using an in-cab control unit that provides control of the left and right meter shafts individually, a master power switch, and a monitoring system for air pressure and metering shaft rotations. The Turbo-Seeder kit also includes a ladder and walkboard for easy access to the hopper.

The Turbo-Seeder can be ordered as an option on new orders, or retrofitted to existing Terra-Max, Turbo-Max, and Turbo-Till models. Turbo-Seeder offers a cost-effective, highly-productive method for seeding cover crops with a vertical or hybrid tillage tool.

Source : Great Plains

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