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Hail Continues To Wreak Havoc On Alberta Crops

Hail storms started early this summer and continue to cause damage to crops on the prairies. 
Certainly, Alberta has had its share of storms this summer, including one that caused heavy damage to crops around Drumheller last Monday.  The president of the Canadian Crop Hail Association, Rick Omelchenko provides an update on the situation. "There has been hail almost everyday but the claim numbers are dropping.  We are at about 300 claims last week." Omelchenko notes the size of the hail has been about 1/2 inch in size and the damage to crops have been minor to medium damage.
For farmers that have had hail damage and are in the fields harvesting, Omelchenko recommends that farmers leave a check strip to make it easier for claims agents to assess the damage.  Winds have also been a factor for farmers with these storms twisting the stems of the standing crops out in the fields, according to Omelchenko.
As for claims the Association is trying to keep up.  "We're just doing the July 25th storm," notes Omelchenko.  We are on track for this time of year. We are in that two week mark of hail storms.  We are going as fast as we can."
Hail season is typically until the end of August but can occur at any time of year.
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