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Harvest Approaching Faster Than Many Farmers Expected

The harvesting of crops will be coming early this year for many farmers in the area.
Due to the dry conditions we have had in the region, many of the farmers' crops will be coming off sooner than normal. He talks about how close his crops are to being ready for harvest.
"We're still waiting but we are getting the swather ready for canola," says Sims. "It's turning faster than one would've thought, even the wheat. Things are coming in faster, that's part of the result of a dry year."
Sims adds many crops realize when it has been a dry year.
"They seem to sense when their dry and try and hurry up," says Sims. "That is for regular crops. Soybeans aren't that smart, they will keep growing until they suddenly just die, I've seen it happen. Corn struggles along the best it can. Hopefully, we'll get a late rain for corn and soybeans yet."
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