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Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement after voting for a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to impose tariffs on solar panels utilizing parts manufactured in China. The resolution would repeal a rule issued by the Biden administration waiving tariffs on solar panels imported from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, despite evidence that manufacturers in these countries are utilizing parts from China, circumventing U.S. antidumping and tariff laws. The resolution passed the Senate by a vote of 56-41.

“We need to push back on China’s predatory trade practices and prevent dumping in the U.S. solar panel market, which would undermine our domestic energy industry,” said Hoeven. “By issuing this waiver, the Biden administration is enabling manufacturers in these four countries to circumvent our nation’s laws. Our nation cannot afford to become more reliant on China, particularly for energy. This resolution will not only uphold the law, it is a step towards supporting U.S. energy independence.”

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This week, a North Dakota federal judge granted a stay of implementation on the newest set of definitions for the Waters of The United States, or WOTUS. The stay, which blocks changes introduced by the Biden Administration in March, is effective in the 24 states that filed the suit, and joins Texas and Idaho which earned their own stays in March.