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Import Duties on Lentil and Chickpea Imports to India
Earlier today, we were advised India is implementing a 30 per cent duty on imports of lentils and chickpeas into India. The Government of India had placed a 50 per cent import duty on peas in early November.
Canada is India’s largest supplier of pulses and India is Canada’s largest market for peas and lentils accounting for more than 40 per cent of Canada’s red lentil and pea exports.
While the customs notification is not yet published, we have been advised that once published, the notification will be effective immediately and product enroute to India will be subject to the import duties on arrival.
We have no additional details at this time, and will keep growers informed as we learn more. Pulse Canada continues to engage closely with the Government of Canada on this issue, and on the fumigation requirement India has imposed. The goal is to have science-based and predictable trade with India.
Source : SaskPulse