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Innovation organizations agree to collaborate

Guelph/Winnipeg,  – North Forge Technology Exchange, a not-for-profit incubator accelerator focused on science, technology and advanced manufacturing innovation is joining Bioenterprise, Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine, as a collaborative partner to enhance agri-food sector innovation in Canada.

The partnership opens the opportunity for North Forge’s clients and members to connect to Bioenterprise Canada’s national network of food and agri-tech innovation mentorship, partnership and funding support. For Bioenterprise, the partnership means access to new collaborations, supports and resources for its members and partners through the North Forge network.

“By working together, North Forge and Bioenterprise can enhance the contributions that both of our organizations can make to the agriculture sector, including agri-tech, cleantech and innovation related to life science, food, environment, and commercial applications,” says Bioenterprise Canada CEO Dave Smardon. “The more connections we can build across Canada’s innovation ecosystem, the more ways we have to support businesses and entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector, so we welcome the opportunity to work with North Forge as the newest member of Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine.”

North Forge fuels Manitoba’s innovation economy by providing technology-enabled, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), and advanced manufacturing entrepreneurs and startups with subject matter experts, mentors, growth coaches, and entrepreneurs-in-residence, through their four-stage Founders Program. Armed with North America’s largest not-for-profit fabrication lab housing over $3 million of advanced manufacturing equipment, FabLab members have produced over 7,500 prototypes.

“We work with hundreds of tech startups, including many in food and agri-tech to provide them with a wide breadth of resources and the opportunity to make valuable connections across the industry,” says North Forge President and CEO Joelle Foster. “Bioenterprise is an expert in its field and we look forward to providing our startups with access to this vast network of resources.”

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