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Interlake Region Hardest Hit By 2021 Drought

While this year's drought stretches wide across Western Canada, Manitoba has one of the hardest hit areas.

That according AAFC's Agroclimate Specialist Trevor Hadwin.

"Specifically the Interlake region of Manitoba," he explained. "That region has been extremely dry for well over a year and the producers in that region do not have water supply, do not have feed availability for their crops, and their pastures and crops are down significantly this year."

Hadwin commented on the uniqueness of this year's drought.

"We have seen drought conditions from Northwest Ontario right through into Vancouver Island. That's a fairly unique situation with this drought. Most droughts are a little bit more localized covering one or two provinces, mostly just parts of the province. Either the southern portion or the northern portion. This drought this year is very widespread, covering all of western Canada."

Hadwin says the drought also stretches into the U.S., covering much of the northwest portion of the United States. He notes farmers aren't able to source feed from neighbouring provinces or states due to the widespread nature of the drought.

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