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Is Herbicide Carryover a Concern in Wet Weather?

Wet conditions have forced the need to change planting plans. In some cases, crops are planted in areas that were not planned for that crop this year. One factor in the moving of crops that cannot be overlooked is carryover. Does the ground to be planted have a carryover restriction for the desired crop to be planted? Cool, damp springs do not allow chemicals to break down fast however; the breakdown increases once the weather warms up, and moisture is present. Just because there was a lot of moisture this spring, it does not mean there is no concern about carryover. For carryover concerns, last year’s weather is more important than this year’s. If it was warm, which it was in most of the state, that is good for carryover. Then again, if it were wetter than normal, last year this would also help with carryover concerns. If the field is located in an area with both of these factors were present last year, then the risk of carryover this year decreases. This still does not mean that carryover restrictions should not be followed, however, if the timing is very close there is not as much concern that carryover will be a problem. When you put down residuals this year remember that if the rotation is changed, carryover for next year also needs to be taken into account for next year’s crop.