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John Deere Historic Site Opens For 52nd Season On MAY 1, 2016

By MachineFinder News,
John Deere announced on April 13 that it will be opening the doors to the John Deere Historic Site for the 52nd year on May 1.
The site, which is located in Grand Detour, Illinois, is the original homestead of the company’s founder. John Deere’s first “self-scouring” steel plow was constructed at this location.
"When you step foot on the grounds of the John Deere Historic Site, it feels like taking a step back in time," said Kristen Veto, manager of the John Deere Historic Site. "You hear the floorboards creak as you walk inside John Deere's home and feel the heat of fired steel inside a working blacksmith shop. Whether you're a school group, a John Deere fan, or a history buff, it's an experience you can't miss.”
There is a series of exhibits hosted at the site each year, including a tour of the Deere Family Home, built in 1836. Visitors can also tour the archaeological site where John Deere created his steel plow, as well as the original blacksmith shop. Up to seven times per day, resident blacksmiths create works that are sold at the site’s gift shop, providing a glimpse into how items were constructed in the past.
Source : MachineFinder

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