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KAP Responds To Manitoba Rural Service Delivery Model

The following statement is attributable to Bill Campbell, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers.
“The ability to access quality services, reliable information, and speak with specialists is essential to the strength of Manitoba’s agriculture sector. Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) acknowledges the efforts of Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development and Manitoba Agricultural Service Corporation (MASC) to provide enhanced services to producers in Manitoba.
While producers welcome the option to access forms, applications, and information online, the opportunity to speak face-to-face with specialists is essential. This will be more challenging for many producers, particularly in Western Manitoba.
Though we are assured that these measures will not impact staffing levels, our members are concerned about ongoing access to staff and have noted this issue for some time. Furthermore, the loss of rental revenue for rural business owners represents yet another challenge for many communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We encourage the provincial government to release more information about how the rural service delivery model will impact the quality of services provided, along with its plan to introduce additional online tools and improve rural connectivity. KAP welcomes the opportunity to participate in consultations regarding these tools because producers must continue to have access to the services, information, and specialists they require.”
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