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KAP welcomes Disaster Financial Assistance for Manitoba farmers

Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) is pleased with the timely announcement of the Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) program. The current weather impacts include the current flooding situation, as well as the additional fallout from the severe weather we have experienced in the last six weeks.

“The availability of the Disaster Financial Assistance program is welcome news for farmers who have suffered losses that are not covered by their insurance policy,” said KAP President Bill Campbell. “KAP looks forward to working with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure in ensuring the needs of farmers are met during this challenging time.”

Farmers prepare for severe weather with contingency plans, but this situation includes multiple shocks occurring at the same time which can cause significant impacts on the farm.

The excessive moisture in the past few weeks has been a challenge for Manitoba farmers. Saturated fields and rain have resulted in a late start to seeding. The overland flooding has caused road closures creating logistical challenges for farmers trying to market their commodities. Additionally, the recent floods have caused farm property damage in some areas of the province.

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