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Local Farmer Welcomes New Trade Agreement with China

Local Farmer Welcomes New Trade Agreement with China
By Nathan Reineck
A Portage County farmer welcomes the signing of a trade agreement with China Wednesday. The truce asks China to respect intellectual property laws in exchange for the U.S. reducing some tariffs.
The first phase of the trade agreement is the starting point of recovery for many Ohio corn and soybean farmers who were impacted most by the trade war.
Farmer Chuck Sayre from Mantua said China has bought less corn and soybean exports for the last several years. He said the tariffs added to the existing problems with American agricultural exports.
He said the relief programs put into place weren’t able to help those who needed it the most.
“Your small family farm that doesn’t do the big corporate things to get every dollar out of the government. It really hurt those farmers.”
Sayre said small farming operations don’t have the resources they need to apply for government aid. He said they’ve dealt with the damage of the trade war for too long.
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