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Manitoba Beef Producers Pass 16 Resolutions At Fall District Meetings

Sixteen resolutions were passed at Manitoba Beef Producers fall district meetings and will now be debated at the group's AGM to be held February 7th in Brandon. The 14 district meetings were held in October and November.

General Manager Brian Lemon says there were a number of resolutions focusing on modern practices.

"For example, the notion of not being able to insure your bales if you leave them out on the field with the intention that you're actually going to be using them out on the field for some sort of winter grazing or bale grazing program," he commented. "It just seems that on one hand we're trying to encourage those sorts of practices and then to have insurance programs not be responsive to that encouragement, it seems like they're lagging a little bit behind."

Other resolutions focused on issues such as the Crown Lands Amendment Act, wildlife damage and risk management programs.

The upcoming AGM will mark the group's 40th year of existence

Source : Steinbachonline