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Manitoba Crop Pest Update

Manitoba Agriculture - Crop Pest Update for May 20, 2020
Insects: Some cutworm feeding noted on forage crops in the Central region. Flea beetles have been noticed feeding on whatever cruciferous plants are around. Diamondback moth trap counts have generally been low.
Diseases: Currently there are no diseases, of pathogenic origin, being reported from the field. Crops planted weeks ago have just begun to emerge. Nor have there been reports of abiotic disease symptoms. Though it’s late on the calendar, biological indicators of planting readiness are lagging 10 days to 2 weeks behind 2019.
Weeds: Perennial weeds continue to enjoy the growing conditions, and the heat is bringing on the annuals. Wind is drying out the fields but preventing pre-seed herbicide applications.
Soils: Time to check for stand problems resulting from excessive seed placed fertilizer.
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