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Manitoba Economic Impact Assessment Of Current Horticultural Production

Executive Summary:

The total Manitoba economic impact of current horticultural production in the province has been estimated using the MBS Economic Impact Assessment Model and MBS Tax Revenue Impact Assessment Model, and produced with funds from Growing Forward.

Data for the study was collected using an on-line survey of Manitoba horticultural producers, including members of the Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association, Prairie Fruit Growers Association, and Vegetable Growers Association of Manitoba.

Data on four types of horticultural production were captured by the MBS horticulture survey; field production of fruit and vegetables, sod cultivated for sale, other nursery products, and greenhouse products.

To estimate total provincial level impacts, MBS assumed the current footprint of these activities to be the average acreage (or greenhouse square footage) as detailed in custom output MBS requested from Statistics Canada on their 2011 and 2016 Censuses of Agriculture.

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