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Manitoba Egg Farmers & Winnipeg Harvest partner to provide eggs to Manitobans in need

During these challenging times, Manitoba’s egg farmers are giving back
WINNIPEG – Manitoba Egg Farmers has partnered with Winnipeg Harvest to donate locally-produced eggs on an ongoing basis to vulnerable Manitobans, including at-risk older adults, children and families during the coronavirus pandemic. 
With the COVID-19 outbreak devastating our local economy, there are thousands of Manitobans who are struggling to feed their families due to lost wages, layoffs and illness. Winnipeg Harvest is continuing to operate as best as possible to ensure our neighbours have enough food to eat during this uncertain time, and Manitoba Egg Farmers has offered their help by donating thousands of eggs.
“We so greatly appreciate this donation of 10,000 eggs a week, especially during this time of increased need,” said Keren Taylor-Hughes, CEO of Winnipeg Harvest. “We’re not only looking to feed our clients on a basic level, but also are looking to provide them with food that has nutritional value. We’re so fortunate that this partnership with Manitoba Egg Farmers can help us do just that.”
“On behalf of Manitoba’s 170 regulated egg and pullet farm families, we are pleased to begin this partnership with Winnipeg Harvest and donate eggs to families who need nutritious food during this challenging time,” said Cory Rybuck, General Manager of Manitoba Egg Farmers. “It is important to rally around our community members who are struggling, and egg farmers are proud to make a difference by sharing nutritious eggs with those in need.”
Winnipeg Harvest and its food network of 300 food banks and partner agencies across Manitoba are essential, front-line workers during this coronavirus crisis, and they need your support more than ever to keep their warehouse open and food flowing. Visit to make a difference. 
On Wednesday, April 29 at 8:00 a.m, Manitoba Egg Farmers will be delivering 10,000 eggs to Winnipeg Harvest at 1085 Winnipeg Ave. Please contact  us to arrange coverage.  
Source : winnipegharvest