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Marketing Considerations for Value-Added Dairy Foods

By Kerry E. Kaylegian
Hand in hand with making a quality product, marketing is the foundation for a successful business. What people want changes over time and it’s important to stay current with consumer trends. Product pricing strategies can be used to achieve different marketing goals and to appeal to consumer perceptions.
Food Safety CTS
This program was developed by Food Safety CTS, LLC, for Penn State University.
Promotion is everything that is done to make your product and business known to your target consumer markets. Promotion goes beyond just advertising. Promotion must create and convey a consistent image across all promotional activities and communication channels. Consumers make decisions and develop perceptions using label claims. Make sure you are legally allowed to use any certification logos or make product claims on your packaging labels and marketing materials before using them.
While it’s easy to focus solely on what’s needed for product processing, don’t forget to take stock of the people, facilities, equipment, and supplies needed for successful marketing. Remember, your marketing activities should drive you toward achieving your overall business goals. 
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