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Media Attention Raises Awareness of Dangers Posed by Wild Pigs

The Coordinator of Squeal on Pigs Manitoba says recent media attention has made the public more aware of the damage done and the dangers posed by wild pigs.

Last year, in its first year of operation, Manitoba's Squeal on Pigs program fielded 127 reports of wild pig sightings which resulted in the removal of 122 animals.

Squeal on Pigs Manitoba Coordinator Dr. Wayne Lees explains Squeal on Pigs is a project to eliminate wild pigs from the landscape in Manitoba.

Clip-Dr. Wayne Lees-Squeal on Pigs Manitoba:

These are an invasive species that don't belong here and they've caused a lot of damage not just to crops but also to the environment and they could pose a threat of disease should disease ever be introduced into this country.The disease that's really driving the attention right now is the threat of African Swine Fever.

But, wild pigs could carry other diseases on their own as well so, with increased concern about biosecurity, I think wild pigs have risen to a little bit more of an attention worthy topic among most people in agriculture and actually in the public's mind as well.There have been reports about these so-called super pigs.

These are really just wild pigs that are no different than the animals that we're trying to capture now.I think the media attention though has raised the profile of the wild pig issue generally across the prairies.

Dr. Lees says the best way to report a sighting or to get more information on the program is through the Squeal on Pigs Manitoba.

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