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More models, new cab and new design: Stage V update for CLAAS NEXOS

CLAAS brings the Stage V emissions standard to the narrow-gauge and specialist tractor segment. A new transmission, new cab with a flat floor, new design and new model classes are among the upgrades in the latest generation NEXOS series. In addition, functions and MAXI CARE options for CLAAS large tractors are now available in the narrow-gauge segment – the NEXOS is up to all your challenges.

Looking at the new NEXOS specialist tractors, you are immediately struck by the updated design. The new contemporary look features the signature ‘Y’ design first launched in 2019 in the current LEXION and also seen in the TRION. Its distinctive contours give the bonnet a dynamic appearance as well as providing additional stiffness. The redesigned cab roof merges seamlessly with the sleek lines of the Y,

while the flattened shape of the bonnet enhances the driver’s view to the front. Further refinements to the carefully considered overall design have allowed the mounting point for mid-mounted implements to be optimised and integrated seamlessly into the machine, enabling access for an even greater range of attached implements.

Restructured model series: Two additional variants and a new top-of-the-range model

The bonnet now sports new names. The NEXOS VE, VL and F with widths of 1.0 m, 1.25 m and 1.45 m have been replaced respectively by the S, M and L model series with the same external widths. New additions to the range are the NEXOS XL with an external width of 1.55 m plus the narrower 1.25 m NEXOS MD and 1.45 m NEXOS LD platform series for orchards. The NEXOS MD and LD are only available without a cab, while a cab is optionally available for the NEXOS L and XL.

A new top-of-the-range NEXOS 260 cab model is also available for the NEXOS S, M, L and XL series – currently one of the most powerful narrow-gauge tractors on the market. There are five models to choose from in the NEXOS S, M and L series with a maximum engine output ranging from 75 to 120 hp (NEXOS XL: four types from 85 to 120 hp). The NEXOS MD and NEXOS LD each feature four models ranging from 75 to 103 hp.

The new 3.6 l four-cylinder FPT engine has a Stage V SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system and also features a 600-hour oil change interval. With a maximum volume of 100 l (NEXOS S: 75 l), there’s enough fuel for any job and for long working days.

New transmission variants with ECO rpm

The comfort and efficiency of the familiar powershift transmission has been refined in the new NEXOS models and now includes five gears in three ranges. The two TWINSHIFT powershift speeds provide 30 forward and 15 reverse gears and 30 reverse gears with the mechanical reverser. In the 40km/h ECO version, the top speed is achieved at a fuel-efficient and low-noise 1,700 rpm, which is unprecedented in this class of tractor. When it comes to changing direction, as before purchasers can choose between a mechanical reverser or the convenient hydraulic REVERSHIFT reverser.

New cab with improved ergonomics

On stepping into the six-pillar cab suspended on silent blocks, you’re immediately struck by the flat cab floor which maximises legroom and makes it easy to get in and out. Particular attention has been paid to redesigning the work area to the right of the driver, which now feels more streamlined. Take the short shift lever, for example, which enables faster and more accurate gear changes and makes it easier to enter and exit the cab from the right-hand door.

The Category 4 cab filter system (compliant with EN 15695), fully integrated into the roof, protects the driver from dust, harmful aerosols and vapours during crop spraying operations. The carefully sealed cab prevents the entry of harmful substances and reduces the noise level, providing twofold protection for the driver.

The reconfigured roof can be factory-fitted with up to eight additional work lights, and there is now a choice of LED lights as well as halogen. The top spec NEXOS with the premium LED lighting package turns night into day whatever and wherever the job.

Tried and tested features retained

As well as introducing new elements, the Stage V generation NEXOS tractors have retained some of the familiar, tried and tested features of the predecessor series. Among these are the suspended, level-controlled multi-link PROACTIV front axle and the powerful work hydraulics. With a delivery capacity of 87 l/min as standard, this enables the operation of up to four double-acting spool valves, controlled either mechanically or electrohydraulically. A dedicated 27 l/min oil circuit is available for the rear linkage. Thanks to their long wheelbase, all NEXOS boast high lift capacities of up to 3.11 t at the rear and up to 2.8 t at the front, even with the heaviest of implements. The NEXOS is supplied with a 540-rpm rear PTO as standard, with an optional dual PTO shaft with 540/540E or 540/1000 rpm also available.

Warranty extension and service packages

MAXI CARE packages typically associated with the more powerful CLAAS tractors and CLAAS harvesting machines are available for all NEXOS models. MAXI CARE Protect includes a warranty extension, while MAXI CARE Maintenance offers a service package with a runtime tailored to the tractor's individual annual utilisation. This enables users to accurately budget for the tractor's running costs years in advance, thereby minimising financial risks. All maintenance and repair work are documented on the user's CLAAS connect platform.

Compelling features of the new NEXOS in brief:

  • Six model series with 35 tractors ranging from 75 to 120 hp and external widths of 1 m to 1.55 m
  • Contemporary design with new, flat bonnet and new cab roof
  • New top-of-the-range NEXOS 260 – one of the most powerful narrow-gauge tractors on the market
  • Thrifty Stage V FTP engines with SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system
  • New 6-pillar cab with virtually flat floor, Category 4 filter system and redesigned controls with short shift lever and up to 8 LED work lights in the cab roof
  • New powershift transmission with five gears and 40 km/h ECO at 1,700 rpm
  • MAXI CARE packages with warranty extension and service packages make the total cost of ownership (TCO) predictable.
Source : CLAAS Group

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