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New Durum Varieties Show Improved FHB Resistance

Two new durum varieties with improved Fusarium Head Blight resistance are on the horizon for Prairie producers.

Durum Breeder Dr Yeufeng Ruan says one of the new lines DT 2009 (known as AAC Schrader) is the first durum line in Canada and the world with Intermediate resistance to FHB.

"In addition, AAC Schrader has high yield and straw strength (similar to Brigade) with high protein concentration (similar to Strongfield)."

The plant height and maturity of AAC Schrader is similar to AAC Cabri, it's rated as having "resistance to moderate resistance" to all rusts including Ug99 stem rust.

Ruan says it also showed good drought tolerance and yield in 2021 under extreme drought conditions, yielding 9 to 11 per cent more than other cultivars.

AAC Schrader is now in seed multiplication and will be marketed by FP Genetics.

The other new durum line developed by Dr Ruan and his team is DT2005, which shows improved Fusarium Head Blight responses compared to other current varieties.

Ruan notes that DT2005 also released last year shows high yielding, good quality profile with also improved FHB resistance.

Some other agronomic characteristics for DT2005 include an excellent yellow pigment over current cultivars.

A 2.8 per cent higher yield than Brigade with similar protein concentration, plant height, which is equal to AAC Cabri.

DT2005 has similar straw strength to Brigade and maturity similar to Strongfield.

It features resistance to leaf rust, stem rust and stripe rust, and moderate resistance to Ug99 stem rust, with an improved response to FHB similar to Brigade.

While DT2005 has been released, it is still waiting to be picked up by a seed company for multiplication.

DT2005 and DT2009 (AAC Schrader) were submitted to the Prairie Grain Development Committee Meetings for registration approval last year by Dr Ruan and his team at AAFC's Swift Current Research and Development Centre.

Dr Ruan is evaluating his current work to determine if he will be putting forward any new lines to the PGDC meetings, which are set to begin in early March.

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