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New Puma, Maxxum Series Tractors Increase Productivity Through Comfort Upgrades

Operators have long known that Maxxum® and Puma® series tractors offer unmatched in-field versatility. Now, upgrades to Model Year 2022 Maxxum tractors equipped with MultiControl armrests and Puma 150/165 tractors will put operator comfort and convenience front and center for even greater flexibility. Updates include a low-mount wiper, new steps, new monitor bars and rearview mirrors, enhanced safety lighting and more.  

“When it comes to getting the most out of every moment in the field, operator comfort is second to none,” said J.E. Cadle, Case IH mid-range tractor marketing manager. “Maxxum and Puma series tractors are already known for their convenient designs and features that make in-cab comfort a priority. These new upgrades will further ensure that operators are able to work comfortably and productively regardless of field conditions.”

A suite of comfort- and productivity-boosting upgrades

Nothing slows productivity down like an uncomfortable operator experience. The new Maxxum and Puma series tractor comfort updates were designed with operators in mind. The updates include a host of convenient features that — taken together — lead to increased productivity out in the field. Features such as a premium leather-wrapped steering wheel and in-cab cool box keep operators comfortable during long days, while enhancements such as LED safety lighting, new sleek rearview mirror and low-mounted front wiper make for greater visibility for out in the field.

The full list of updates to Model Year 2022 Maxxum and Puma series tractors includes:

  • Low-mount front wiper for maximum visibility
  • In-cab cool box for increased operator comfort
  • New aluminum steps
  • New monitor bar with USB outlets for convenience
  • New rearview mirror for better field of view
  • New battery cutoff switch located outside the door
  • LED beacon lights for greater visibility in all field conditions
  • Elastic hood closing rope
  • New advanced loader joystick with reverser

Enhancements build on 2021 improvements

In 2021, select Maxxum and Puma series tractor models were equipped with additional safety, convenience and comfort updates to improve efficiency out in the field. These updates — which include a redesigned hood for Puma series tractor models 150 and 165, improved lighting to create a uniformly lit work area, and Hi-eSCR2 emissions technology for longer service intervals and enhanced fuel economy — were driven by customer input that has helped operators achieve greater in-field precision while remaining comfortable in the cab.

“Every enhancement we’ve made has been driven by what producers want and need from their equipment,” Cadle said. "We’re excited to build on these design upgrades in the years to come.”

Source : Case IH

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