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Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center Agronomy Day July 10

URBANA, Ill. - The University of Illinois’s Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center will host a summer Agronomy Day Wednesday, July 10. U of I Extension specialists and researchers will address issues that are pertinent to the 2013 growing season. The program will begin at 9 a.m. and finish with a meal provided at noon. Anyone can attend, and there is no registration or fee required.

A Corn Rootworm Root Rating Field Day will be held in conjunction with Agronomy Day. Producers and agronomists are invited to bring corn root samples to the NIARC. The roots will be washed and evaluated. Following lunch, a general discussion will take place allowing producers to assess their corn rootworm injury and learn about sustainable corn rootworm management.

Weather permitting; presentations will take place outside in the research plots.

Field topics include:

  • Crop rotation and corn management – Emerson Nafziger
  • Corn rootworm resistance to Bt and product efficacy – Mike Gray
  • Goss’s wilt and corn diseases – Carl Bradley
  • Brown marmorated stink bug in Illinois – Kelly Estes
  • 2013 weed control challenges – Doug Maxwell
  • University of Illinois cover crop studies – Russ Higgins

The 160-acre Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center located north of Shabbona has been conducting crop research since 1948. It is the northernmost research center within the U of I Department of Crop Sciences that is dedicated primarily to corn and soybean research. More than 45 research and demonstration projects are conducted at the center every year.

The research center is located at 14509 University Road, about 5 miles north of U.S. Route 30 on University Road, which runs just east of Shabbona and a quarter mile south of Perry Road.

Source: ACES

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