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Opposition parties rally to push Bill C-234 through the House of Commons

Yesterday was a key day for farmers as Bill C-234 received its third and final reading in the House of Commons.

Bill C-234 an Act to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act would exempt on-farm grain drying from the Carbon Tax.

Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food John Barlow says this is a massive win for Canadian farmers.

"This will reduce or remove the carbon tax from natural gas and propane on farms once it gets through the Senate. So we're hopeful before we rise in June, that will happen."

Barlow says this will save farmers tens of millions of dollars on upfront costs when it comes to natural gas and propane for drying grain, and heating and cooling barns.

"All of these things continue to pile costs on farmers. There is no question eventually that leads to higher costs at grocery store shelves and impede our ability to be competitive on the global market. As our number one trading partner, the United States does not have a carbon tax."

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