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Ouster & Fieldin Announce Largest Deployment of Retrofit Autonomy Kits for Autonomous Tractors

Ouster, Inc. (NYSE: OUST), a leading provider of high-performance lidar sensors, and Fieldin, a leading AgTech company with a smart farming platform and autonomous technology, announced the largest known deployment of retrofit autonomy kits for autonomous tractors in the agricultural industry following the signing of their multi-year supply agreement. Fieldin has already deployed dozens of kits at its customers’ farms and plans to deploy over 100 autonomy retrofit kits on tractors, each equipped with an Ouster OS1, to major customers across the United States in 2023. Ouster shipped 100 sensors to Fieldin at the end of 2022 as part of its binding agreement, and expects to ship several hundred additional sensors through 2024.

Fieldin’s deployment of 100 retrofit autonomy kits stands to make it the largest deployment of autonomous tractors in the industry to date. Fieldin’s autonomy kits are part of its offering to digitize and transform today’s farms into autonomous ones. The autonomy kit offers various levels of automation features that can be unlocked, including auto-steering and other driving assistance capabilities, autonomous spraying, and fully autonomous driver-out functionality in line with rapidly evolving local autonomous driving regulations. These features can drive improved operational efficiency and significant cost reductions, such as up to 87% in chemical savings for high-value crop growers.

Fieldin uses Ouster’s OS1 sensors on tractors and other farm machinery for reliable vehicle localization, navigation, and object detection. Fieldin’s autonomous solutions sit alongside their Smart Farming Operations platform, providing aggregated data and dashboards to create visibility in real-time and insight for key farm decision-makers, which can strengthen accountability, precision, operations and results. Together, Ouster and Fieldin aim to address common challenges facing the agricultural industry through innovative and scalable autonomous farming solutions.

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