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CNH purchases Augmenta and Bennamann

CNH purchases Augmenta and Bennamann

Both acquisitions will help farmers

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

CNH Industrial has purchased two farm equipment companies.

On March 15, the company announced it acquired Bennamann, a UK-based company that develops solutions to capture, repurpose and store methane emissions for energy use.

The two companies have had a working relationship since 2019.

Bennamann and CNH worked together to capture biowaste, namely livestock manure and purify it into biomethane that can be used as a vehicle fuel or in other capacities.

“This solution can transform farms into mini energy hubs that can satisfy their own energy needs, produce their own natural fertilizer and sell any excess gas to the open market,” Derek Neilson, president of agriculture at CNH, said in a statement.  

This acquisition builds on CNH’s move to provide farmers with equipment that runs on alternative fuels.

The company introduced its New Holland T6 and T7 Methane Power tractors in recent years, while working with Bennamann.

The second company CNH purchased this week is Augmenta.

With its purchase of this U.S. company, CNH will support the development of Augmenta’s technologies based on sensor-detected data during the spraying process.

“Sense & Act tasks are based on sensor-detected data during the spraying process, wherein protection solutions are applied to crops both before and after harvest,” Neilson said in a March 13 statement. “This technology gives machines selective spraying capabilities which precisely directs and regulates spray volume.”

As part of this acquisition, Augmenta will operate as part of the CNH brand, Raven.

“We are united with the purpose of helping farmers serve the world,” Augmenta’s website says. “Raven and Augments share strong commitments to provide sustainability by utilizing recommended agronomic practices to optimize chemical use and by reducing input costs.”

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