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'Phenomenal' crops showcased at Ceres Global Seeds Insight Tour

Ceres Global Seeds is hosting its Insight Tour this week with stops in Winkler (Aug 9), Beausejour (Aug 10), and Bagot (Aug 11).

Director of Sales and Marketing Daniel Acuna used one word to describe this year's corn and soybean trials.

"Phonomenal. We're so proud to showcase off our Horizon Seeds corn and our Sevita International soybeans. They've never looked this good before and we're so proud to show it off. Each location looks like this. It's going to be a good show. It's a perfect time of year too because it's right before harvest." he commented. "We look forward to this season. The way soybeans and corn have been showing themselves this year, we're hoping for a great year of soybeans this year and pushing that even to next year as well. There was a blip in soybean acres this year but we believe this is the year to actually promote soybeans and look at the benefits. It can withstand the rain, which we've been having this current year and it looks to be one of the better crops."

Acuna noted the tour has a lot to offer to farmers.

"We have things such as our brand new corn and soybean line-up hitting the market. We have an overall market outlook as well, which looks at where we're seeing trends, where we're seeing the commodities at the current outlook. The fun thing about this also is, we do have a diverse, robust portfolio, so we're able to offer food grade soybean varieties as well to the marketplace. We have our friends from FMC looking at pigweed identification, biology and control strategies within soybeans. We have specialty crops. We have the folks from LMS Ag Equipment here along with Precision Planting. A lot of innovative things looking at the ag industry, especially on the seed side of things and how do we promote and how do we become more efficient in this day and age."

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