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Prosaro PRO Sets the New Standard in Cereal Fungicides With Exceptional Disease Protection And Grain Quality

Today the Crop Science Division of Bayer announced that Prosaro® PRO cereal fungicide is now registered for use on wheat and barley. Prosaro PRO delivers exceptional protection from Fusarium Head Blight (FHB), Deoxynivalenol (DON) and leaf diseases, while entering the market as the only foliar fungicide that suppresses ergot.

Prosaro PRO is the highest yielding cereal fungicide in the Bayer portfolio thanks to the addition of Fluopyram (Group 7) and the proven power of Prothioconazole and Tebuconazole (Group 3). Fluopyram offers fast acting residual protection, which disrupts spore germination and makes it ideal for high disease pressure situations.

“Prosaro PRO is designed for professional wheat and barley growers looking to maximize their return on investment. It delivers exceptional protection from ergot, FHB and all major leaf diseases,” says Mark Alberts, Cereals Crop & Campaign Marketing Manager, Bayer. “This multi-mode of action solution is proven to deliver outstanding yield under high disease pressure, resulting in improved grain quality and more money in growers pockets”.

Prosaro PRO is the only foliar fungicide with ergot on the label. Ergot concerns have been growing, particularly in durum wheat and recently broken pastureland, which can impact grade and price at the elevator. The cereal fungicide also offers elite control of all major leaf diseases including Blotch (glume, leaf, net, spot), Rusts (leaf, stem, stripe) and Tan spot.

Prosaro PRO availability is limited for the 2021 growing season. Growers are encouraged to talk to their local Bayer representative for product availability and to learn more about local Fungicide trials this summer. Visit for more information about Prosaro PRO.

Always read and follow label directions. Bayer®, Bayer Cross and Prosaro® are registered trademarks of Bayer Group. 

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