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Provincial Harvest Moves Along

Saskatchewan Agriculture’s latest Crop Report shows about 2% of the 2019 Provincial Crop has been combined with another 5% swathed or ready to straight cut.
Harvest activities are behind the five-year average of 9%.
Crops Extension Specialist Cory Jacob says the harvest is most advanced in the south where about 3% of the crop has been combined compared to other areas.
“About 39% of the fall rye, 23% of the winter wheat, 10% of the field peas, 5% of the lentils and 2% of the barley is now combined. So those typical shorter seasoned crops, that are normally harvested early and the winter cereals. Then about 2% of the canola is swathed in the province as well; so we’re starting into it, getting going and rolling as the crops mature and come in.”
Harvest progress is most advanced in the southern regions, where 3% of the crop is now combined. 
“The central regions are just starting into it and then the northern region there’s been reports of the earlier pea crops you know being combined or desiccated. Then some of the winter cereals have been swathed or desiccated or just being taken off so there’s very little done as you move north.”
According to the report the majority of crop damage this week was from strong winds and a lack of moisture. 
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