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Saskatchewan Barley Board pleased with changes to the crop insurance program

Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart highlighted the changes in the 2018 Crop Insurance Program last week.
Among the changes, Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation is adding six crops to its Contract Price Option – barley, commercial canola, oats, hard red spring wheat, durum wheat and CPS wheat.
Including barley provides producers with the opportunity to ensure at a price reflective of malt barley contracts.
Saskatchewan Barley Growers are pleased with the news surrounding the addition of a contract pricing option for barley through SCIC.
Keith Rueve is a Director on the Saskatchewan Barley Producers Board.
“We’ve been working several years with them to develop such a program because this program is closely aligned with our overall goal of ensuring the long-term profitability of barley for Saskatchewan producers," he said. "As well it is making it a competitive crop choice for our province."
Source : Discoverestevan