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Saskatchewan Crop Development

Saskatchewan Agriculture's latest crop report shows crop development throughout most of the province is around normal for this time of the year.
Provincially, 68 per cent of fall cereals, 69 per cent of spring cereals, 60 per cent of oilseeds, and 74 per cent of pulse crops are reported to be at their normal stage of development.
According to the report, some areas saw some damage from wind in the last couple of weeks, but the wind has been dying down allowing for some spraying activity.
Where it was quite dry there's some reduced growth, and flea beetles have caused damage to canola resulting in some reseeding. 
Crops Extension Specialist Sara Tetland says most areas of the province have seen some rain in the last couple of weeks which has helped crops.
"Parts of the South Central down into the South East regions didn't get quite as much rainfall as the rest of the province. So farmers in these areas have reported that their first cut of hay may be delayed a little bit, or their yields that they might be seeing are a little bit lower just due to dry conditions and lack of moisture, reducing the growth of those hay fields."
While the rain has been welcome in most areas, some storms caused hail damage in the Cadillac and Albertville areas. 
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