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Saskatchewan farmers in need of moisture welcoming the recent snowfall

Farmers say the foot of snow in southern Saskatchewan is a good start to replenish soil moisture.
APAS president Todd Lewis, said more moisture will be needed however for spring seeding and the growing season.
“I think this is just a good start,” Lewis said.
“We’ve been looking for snow all winter and hopefully we’ll get a little wind here now and get it blowing around and into some shelter belts, certainly a lot of dugouts are in need of some surface water as well,” he said.
Lewis added the snow is welcome, but low soil moisture will require timely rains throughout the growing season for a good crop in 2018.
“Lots more, we’re going to need some pretty timely rains, certainly the snow is welcome and good wet snow like this helps, but we’ve got such a depletion of the water table that we’ll need timely rains during the growing season to get a good crop off this year,” said Lewis.
Source : CKRM