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Saskatchewan Government and Saskatchewan Pork Sector Support Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness

Jan 20, 2023
By Bruce Cochrane

With the support of the Saskatchewan Government and the Saskatchewan Pork Development Board, North 49 Foods is taking steps to help the pork sector be prepared to address foreign animal disease.
The Government of Saskatchewan and Sask Pork have allocated a total of one million dollars to support the creation of a cull line at the North 49 Foods sow processing facility being built by Donald’s Fine Foods in Moose Jaw.
Neil Ketilson, the Industry Relations Manager with Donald's Fine Foods, says the cull line will allow the humane slaughter of domestic hogs in the event a serious swine disease outbreak stops trade.

Audio Clip- Neil Ketilson-Donald's Fine Foods:
African Swine Fever would be a devastating disease to ever get into Canada.
What it would cause is a disruption in our ability to export any products to international customers.
Knowing that about 70 percent of what we produce in Canada is actually exported abroad, it would have a devastating impact on the industry almost immediately.
The cull line is really an opportunity to prepare for such a catastrophic event.
It's a dedicated line and an ability to be able to euthanize humanely any hogs in Saskatchewan or western Canada if need be in the most efficient manner possible.
It became part of our drawings after good discussions with the province and Donald was very interested in supporting the industry here.
So, the new cull line was put in as an after effect.
It really has nothing to do with the operation of the plant.
It's totally separate.
It's a win-win for everybody.
It's good for the producers, it's good for the industry, it's good for the government and for North 49 Foods, it's our contribution to the industry.

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