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Seaboard Foods, Leidy's Premium Meats donate pork after Super Bowl

Although the Kansas City football team won the big game in February, Operation BBQ Relief and Philabundance came out the big winners with each receiving $10,000 in pork products from Seaboard Foods and Leidy’s Premium Meats.

Prior to the big game, Seaboard Foods, with its headquarters in the Kansas City metro, and Leidy's Premium Meats, based in the Philadelphia metro, challenged each other. If Philadelphia won the game, Seaboard Foods agreed to make a pork donation to Leidy's charity of choice, Philabundance, and if Kansas City won, Leidy's would donate to Operation BBQ Relief.

Leading up to the game, both companies engaged in friendly social media bragging to support their hometown football teams and their favorite charities. In the end, the two companies set aside their friendly challenge after Kansas City won the game and agreed to make a $10,000 pork donation to each charity.

"While we may have lost the challenge, we are appreciative of the industry comradery displayed by our friends at Seaboard Foods leading up to the big game and are excited to be able to support a win in the fight against hunger for both Kansas City and Philadelphia," said Chris Mulder, president of Leidy's Premium Meats.

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